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Subscriber Management

Our Subscriber Management System allows you to manage your subscribers. Applicable to different industry verticals, our solutions allows subscribers also to manage their accounts, billing, subscription and other aspects of the services.

VOD Solutions

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OTT Solutions

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Capacity & Capability

Wide Range of Products

Our wide range of products allows us to offer more services. Our products come handy to our client’s need when they have something urgent and are looking for off-the-shelf options.

Our products are highly customizable and a great match to your requirements. We are able to deploy our products on self or cloud hosted infrastructure, with minimum changes required and in the least time possible. With our products we not only provide a solution but services also comes along with it.

Talk to our sales executives and discuss your requirements to see if there is a product that will fit your requirements.


Let’s talk about your requirements and see what solution we have for you.

Our Skill Sets

How do we make an impact?

Our products are designed to provide the right solution for your enterprise, ease your live and help you run your business the way it should be. Above all, you have the IPR and control of your products. With our expertise in product development you can be sure of a world-class product. And here its why..

More than 8 Enterprise Products
Servicing more than 85 Enterprises & Businesses
Over 9Milion users using our different products
More than 5 Industry Verticals served globally
Web and Mobile solutions available

We match your unique business needs with our deep understanding of years of experience


Custom Development

If you need a Web or Mobile based solution for your custom requirements, you are at the right place. Talk to our consultants or drop us a word and our experts will be with you.


World Class Products

If you are interested in any of our products request and demo and we will be more than happy to help you. If you need if off-the-shelf, its ready. But you need customization, let us know.



If you are looking for an Expert Advice, our highly experienced Technical Consultants will be happy to help you. Talk to us for NO-Obligation and Free review of your problems.

Brands that TRUST us

Some of the brands that trust us and use our products and services.